Ugh,At this time, Jane Yizhen feels that he has been fucked,This is really a waste of life。

Originally, Jian Yi looked at Zhao Dabao’s straightforward expression,I thought this wicked thing could finally speak well,The depression in my heart has disappeared。
But when the kid spoke,alsotmMentioned“Calm”。The stuffiness that had faded a little,“call”Bounced back。
It’s like losing weight,It was so hard,Suddenly caused a rebound by accident,You said,How strong is this rebound?
Zhao Dabao simply saw Jian Yi’s gray beard trembling,He didn’t see the old man’s hands shaking,As fierce as a shofar wind。
What’s more, Jian Yizhen’s heart trembled,Almost on the verge of collapse。
When I saw the real person Jian Yi had such a big reaction,The wicked thing Zhao Dabao finally sent a kind heart,Don’t stimulate Jian Yi with words anymore。
Zhao Dabao comfortably pressed his hand,Mean Jane is really quiet、Be quiet,Need to control,Don’t get too excited。
From the short contact time,Zhao Dabao felt that this little old man’s magical practitioner was a little restless,That is unstable mood,Easily excited。
This kid is strange,As a practitioner,Especially a spell practitioner,Should pay more attention to the cultivation of the mood。
The reason,Also very simple,In the practice world,Mainly divided into two genres。
One is inner strength training,Pass through the meridians throughout the body with Qi,Form internal strength,Final release to control the enemy;
The other is spiritual practice,With spirituality,It is the spiritual power to lead the aura of heaven and earth,Form spells to fight the enemy。
Of course,There is also a more partial practice,That’s physical cultivation,This is what the secular world calls horizontal exercise hard qigong。