Lavender,That’s the immortal cultivation base that represents innate qi training。

Could this old-faced child in front of you,It turned out to be a great cultivator who touched the innate threshold?
I haven’t waited for Zhang San to understand,Faintly,The prestigious words like a bell in the evening,Sounded in its mind:
“Let go of the sea of knowledge,I will plant a god forbidden for you。”
This ban,Almost scared Zhang San’s soul away,I saw its black flames shaking,This is shocked。
Forbidden,Legendary fairy spell,The most effective way to control everything in the world。
It can be said,Once he was banned by God in the sea of knowledge,You can only stay loyal to the person who imposed the restraint for a lifetime,Want to resist、betray,That is impossible。
Unless you want to commit suicide,Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape the control of the forbidden person forever。
And after being banned by God,Once the banned person dies,Those who are banned will also die。
so,After being banned by God,This cultivator will become a loyal guardian。
Of course,Being forbidden by God is not without benefits,on the other hand——Great benefits。
First of all,Capable of performing divine forbidden techniques,One hundred percent of his cultivation is a real human being acquired。
Think about it,Can let the acquired real person impose a ban on you,It also shows that you have entered the eyes of Da Zhenren。
Now that he has become the unbeatable guardian of the acquired real man,Can you be treated badly by the acquired master as the master?
under these circumstances,Da Zhenren will cultivate you a little bit,Your cultivation base is not so high that the bamboo blossoms。